Deal Sourcing and Preliminary Evaluation: A Primer

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Deal Sourcing and Preliminary Evaluation: A Primer

As a real estate developer, you may sift through hundreds of potential deals before finding one that makes sense to even begin to pursue. A key skill that all successful developers share is the ability to efficiently and objectively find and evaluate potential projects. 

This course introduces you to basic notions of where real estate deals can be found. In addition, you will learn proven methods to evaluate the terms of a deal to decide whether the deal is worth further research.


Using sample deal terms and property characteristics drawn from real listings, this course will teach you the methods to accurately determine the potential feasibility of a deal. It will also offer you practical insights into important aspects of deal prospecting, such as valuing the land for a project, making an offer to gain control of the site, and when to perform further due diligence. 

This unique program allows you to benefit from the insights and techniques of experienced developers to identify potential future development projects in one’s own development practice.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify common sources and methods for finding projects, including what to look for in listings.
  • Understand how to determine property value using residual land value (RLV).
  • Understand the role of zoning and entitlements in feasibility.
  • Know when to make an offer to gain site control.
  • Think creatively about deal structure to increase project feasibility.

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  • Deals
  • Development

Experience Level

  • Foundational

This course is designed for beginning-level participants looking for foundational information and insights.

Career Stage

  • Beginning Real Estate Professionals
  • Mid-Career Real Estate Professionals

This course is designed for those considering a career in real estate, new to real estate, or changing from one industry area to another. 

Course Format

This course includes four hours of content. It is available at your convenience on demand. The course includes digital materials.


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