Meet the Experts: Cybersecurity in Building and Infrastructure Operations

Includes a Live Event on 11/16/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)

In January 2022, ULI Learning, in collaboration with the University of Washington, will launch an introductory course on Cybersecurity in Building and Infrastructure Operations. Topics include: an introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems including the risks and benefits for owners and operators, processes and practices for managing the data pipeline, and understanding threats and recommended practices for risk mitigation. Join us on November 16th to meet the experts who will be teaching this course, ask questions about what you are interested in learning, and hear from your peers also working in this space.


  • Cybersecurity 
  • Infrastructure 

Course Format

This Meet the Experts session is a 1 hour live Webinar introduction to the instructors of our Cybersecurity course coming in January 2022. 

Laura Osburn

Senior Research Scientist, Construction Management

College of Built Environments, University of Washington

Laura is a research scientist in the Department of Construction Management. As a qualitative social scientist with a PhD in Communication, Laura focuses on research questions that aim to improve how teams in the building industry work, organize, communicate, and integrate technology. She has worked on projects funded by the National Science Foundation, General Services Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the American Institute of Architects, the Charles Pankow Foundation, Sound Transit, Skanska Inc., the Port of Seattle, and others.

Jessica Beyer

Principal Research Scientist

Center for the Study of Demography and Ecology, University of Washington

Jessica Beyer is a principal research scientist in the Center for the Study of Demography & Ecology (CSDE) in the College of Arts & Sciences at the UW. Her research focuses on the ways in which technology structures and shapes interactions between ordinary people trying to make sense of their world. She currently focuses on two major areas: (1) the political implications of interaction in online communities and (2) the cybersecurity and political implications of technology in the built environment. Earlier research focused on actors such as Anonymous and other hacktivists, the Pirate Parties and digital pirates, and fringe online communities. This work culminated in a book titled, Expect Us: Online Communities and Political Mobilization, from Oxford University Press. Beyer has a PhD in political science and a background in international relations.

Chuck Benson

Director of IoT Risk Mitigation Strategy

University of Washington

Chuck Benson is the Director of IoT Risk Mitigation Strategy at the University of Washington. He has been at the University for over 15 years with experience in information security and risk mitigation, facilities IT, healthcare IT, and central IT. He is the author of, Managing IoT Systems for Institutions & Cities, is a contributing author to the book, Creating, Analysing, and Sustaining Smart Cities – A Systems Perspective, has published several articles, and maintains a blog at He is currently writing another book on the implications of IoT risk and cybersecurity on national security. He has testified before the US-China Economic & Security Review Commission on IoT risk mitigation for institutions and cities, chaired University and national task forces on IoT risk mitigation, and chairs the University of Washington’s Smart Campus Advisory Committee.

Chuck has an electrical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and an MS in computer science degree from Eastern Washington University. He is a former Marine Corps Captain and helicopter pilot.

Carrie Dossick

Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Department of Construction Management, University of Washington

Dr. Dossick is a Professor of Construction Management and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Built Environments. Dr. Dossick has over a decade of research and teaching experience primarily focused on emerging collaboration methods and technologies such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). She is an active member of both the National Institute of Building Sciences and buildingSMART Alliance. She is a Co-PI on the IoT and Security in the Built Environment project. Other current research projects include technology and collaboration strategies for green building design and construction; global team collaboration with Virtual Reality; operations applications of BIM and facilities data in maintenance management and life cycle planning; rebaselining BIM and asset data for existing buildings; the IB Index; and the National BIM Standards.

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