Sustainability & the City

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Sustainability & the City

Hear from experts around the world about the ways in which the pandemic is changing urban sustainability. Learn about on-going work in the field and think about the future of sustainability in urban areas. 


Flattening curves will be at the heart of what cities will do for decades to come. Urban areas play a big role in creating a more sustainable world. It is where 75% of global resources are consumed, 50% of global waste is produced, and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated. Why are cities moving beyond the Paris Agreement and setting goals to crush their waste and carbon emission curves? Why is sustainability not only a problem-solver but also a massive opportunity for resilient local communities and economies? In what ways is the pandemic impacting the journey to sustainable cities? Why do cities need a circular economy? How can cities be imagined as living systems and what will they look like? How can citizens and institutions turn abstract climate goals into urban planning that saves the world? Join our exploration of the post-pandemic city and ask yourself – what can allow our cities to thrive for the next 10,000 years?

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This course is part of the RE:SHAPING CITIES - Post-Pandemic Perspectives Series.

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  • Housing - Multi-family
  • Retail
  • Office Buildings
  • Development

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  • Foundational-Expert

This course is designed for any level of participant.

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  • All Level of Real Estate Professionals

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This is a recorded, one hour course. It will available on-demand for participants for 60 days.

Harmen van Sprang

Cofounder of shareNL and the Sharing Cities Alliance

Harmen van Sprang is a forward thinker. With his firm he helps business leaders and through his foundation he empowers city leaders to adapt to an ever-changing world. Harmen made his mark with the emerging sharing economy. Now, he inspires and advises prominent private and public organizations that sense and see the need to transform towards a more social, sustainable, and shared society. Harmen is experienced in industries such as real estate, transportation, travel, retail, insurance, and logistics. In addition, he consults with cities including Washington, D.C., New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Singapore, and Seoul. Harmen is a globally renowned speaker and has also co-authored an award winning business book.

Tom Bosschaert


Tom is the founder and director of Except, and the visionary force behind its development. Starting Except at the age of 19 in 1999, his vision was to find systemic solutions for our societal challenges by combining science, business, design and communication. His vision shows that we can flourish globally when we integrate environmental, societal, economical and technical aspects at the same time. In the past decades Tom developed  over 500 projects pioneering projects for cities, buildings, business, policy, and industry.

Tom has been increasingly recognized as a leader in sustainability thinking, the circular economy and systemic innovation. In 2014 he was elected number 38 of most influential sustainability  professionals in the Netherlands by  the national newspaper Trouw, and ranked number 21 on the Dutch Sustainable Real Estate awards.  In 2017 his initiative, the UCo center for sustainable entrepreneurship in Utrecht opened, bringing together over 150 sustainability pioneers in the first energy neutral, circular and  healthy listed heritage building in Europe.

Tom develops the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) methodology that lies at the core of Except’s operations. SiD combines systems thinking, complexity analysis, iterative design thinking and co-creation in multi-disciplinary teams. With SiD Tom leads transdisciplinary teams  to develop pioneering solutions that breach the frontier of what's possible. These include solutions for the circular economy, natural capital, smart urban redevelopment, bio-based economy, and resilience research and development.

Ida Bigum Nielsen

Head of Division Office for Business & Growth, Finance Department, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

Ida Bigum Nielsen | Head of Division, Office for Business & Growth, Finance Department. City of Copenhagen, Denmark


The office’s portfolio covers: 

  • International Climate Policy
  • The City of Copenhagen’s action plan for the Sustainable Goals
  • The Food strategy & sustainable Food Systems
  • Business policy
  • Tourism
  • Megaevents, e.g. Tour de France & Euro Games 2021



  • Senior Advisor & Program Manager of C40 Mayors Summit 2019 Copenhagen
  • Program Manager of International Climate Policy and Sustainable City Development in the City of Copenhagen (Department of Finance)
  • Consultant at the Danish Research, Education and Innovation Think Tank, DEA



Master in political science

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


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