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Real Estate 101 Certificate

ULI’s Real Estate 101 Certificate is designed to provide a detailed level of basic knowledge in the three areas arguably most essential to the commercial real estate industry: basic finance and investment, the pro forma as a tool for valuation and investment decisions, and the basic development process.  You will develop the knowledge, technical terminology, and basic skills necessary to understand development, investment, and valuation decisions in earning this certificate.

Program Details

Start Dates:

Enroll Immediately


28+ hours

Weekly Commitment:

4 Hours


3 Courses

Program Format:


Designed For:

  • Beginning Real Estate Professionals
  • Mid-Career Real Estate Professionals

Who Should Enroll

This course is appropriate for those new to the industry, including career changers, public officials, early career professionals, and those in support and business development roles within the commercial real estate industry. 



The certificate program includes 24 hours of instruction conducted through convenient online programming, affording you the flexibility to learn in a way that works for you.

All courses are available on demand, and you will have access for 90 days from the date you access the course for the first time. 

Following the completion of the series, a short proficiency exam will be made available for students wishing to earn the certificate. Students must pass the exam in order to receive the certificate. Students may take an exam up to three times before having to repeat the program.

Benefits for You

Are you eager to understand some of the detailed basics of commercial real estate? Do you work in the industry and want to understand what you need to know? Are you new to a role in which you will have to make decisions regarding development projects? This certificate will provide you with the detailed basics you need to know to engage effectively.  

Benefits for Organizations

Do you need your employee to understand detailed basics of commercial real estate?  Are you less interested in a particular product type than some basic information and fundamentals that are universal to the industry? If so, this certificate will prepare your employee with good general knowledge of commercial real estate finance and investment, the pro forma, and the development process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate 101 or Foundations of Real Estate: Which is right for me?

Both certificates are good for someone who is new the the real estate industry. If you are looking for general exposure to the real estate industry, that covers a wide-range of topics, delivered by diverse faculty, the Foundations of Real Estate certificate is a good option. If you already have work experience, or know that you would like to enter the real estate industry, the Real Estate 101 certificate will deliver targeted content essential for any beginning real estate professional. Either way, you can't go wrong! 

How much does it cost?

Costs for this certificate are as follows: ULI Members $1,005, Government/Nonprofit/Academic Members $890, and Nonmembers $1,340.

I have already completed a required courses. Can I apply it toward earning a certificate?

Yes! Any course you have taken individually can later be applied to a certificate.

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